TVCC : 10 years after

It all started off well. The fireworks to celebrate Chinese New Year were beautiful. Particularly those around the new and intriguing building of CCTV and its appendix known as TVCC, which includes a hotel and the future large performance hall.

The show is so beautiful that it takes time to understand that the fireworks have turned into a fire and that it devours a building.
Tears quickly replace smiles, and regrets replace our hopes to offer artists a new, exciting, open and flexible, intelligent and welcoming place.
This place was going to open a few weeks after New Year’s.
It’s been closed for ten years now.
We hope it’s only temporary.


China Central Television (CCTV)
OMA : Architect
ECADI: Partner Architects
dUCKS Scéno : Scenography
DHV Building and Industry : Acoustics
ECADI : Engineering