Cité du Cinéma d'Annecy : c'est gagné

Devaux & Devaux architects has won the competition of Cité du Cinéma d’animation in Annecy, France. We are pleased to continue and develop this project with them.

Annecy hosts the world’s largest festival dedicated to animation. Tne ambitious Haras Nationaux conversion project will transform this site into a permanent showcase for future Cité du Cinéma d’animation. It’s an urban, heritage and cultural project at the same time. In consideration of Architecture, landscape and scenography, it questions the public space, the flexibility and the flexibility of the space, the space of nature in the city, the dialogue of “inside/outside”, the future of the heritage site in line with it’s contemporary usage.
Due to the originality and the challenges of the programme entrusted to us, the implication of a very collaborative design approach, which merges the architectural, scenographic, landscape, functional, and technical aspects of the project is needed. In this context, the “Scenic” theme is involved in many exciting subjects.


Among the spaces which compose of the vast project, we will highlight the following entities:

  • A space in the centre of the site: la Carrière. It’s a lively and friendly place. The water is invited to be an actor in a large pool, of which the central water can come out and create a passage, the air comes from the ground, creating bubbles and hissing sound.
  • A large hall of temporary exhibitions is arranged in Manège, which preserves the heritage quality of its volume and proposes now technical and museographic facilities.
  • A new Projection Hall is built opposite Manège. It can be totally veiled to become a real cinema. It can also open to the light and the view for a dialogue with the city and the covered passage. Briefly, it’s a flexible and appropriate hall to host different events. The projection room can be independent or connected with Manège for transversal events, or even for other usages for the quarter, for the city.
  • An animation gallery and a Fabrique work together in a same building. It will host a vast array of permanent exhibitions and studios developed for educational and teaching approach initiated around animation
  • A Gourmande Hall locates where previous stables are and shows the frames and structures. It will be able to welcome setting stands, providing places for tasting local products and spaces for meeting/atelier/workshop in a genuine atmosphere.

City of Annecy
David Devaux Architectes
dUCKS Scéno : Scenographer
Studio DAP : Acoustics
Mirage Studio : 3D pictures
EUR 23 M
6500 m2
2,5 ha (exterior)