dUCKS in China : focus on our Shanghai Team

dUCKS scéno works in China for 15 years and is implanted in ShangHai since 2016.

A team of 3 people has for mission to inform the architects and the chinese clients of the major importance of the scenography and the museography in the cultural projects but also in all the places of performance as conference center, media libraries, museums, stadiums, arenas, shopping malls…
The scenography as the technical mission mainly turned to the inspiration of the artist, the comfort of the public and the ease of functioning.
dUCKS scéno defined itself as advisor and strength of operational proposals with the clients, and develops the technical concepts in close collaboration with the architects, the acousticians and other consultants of the project.

Our team and its local subcontractors accompanies foreign architects on the chinese projects. Since the definition of the operating brief with the client, the phases of concept and design with the Architects and the local Leader Design Institutes to the follow-up of the construction for the scenographic and museographic parts.

The Team

Isabelle Serré – Chinese subsidiary supervisor

Isabelle began her career in the theater as an assistant director, stage manager and costumer. She enlarged her experience in film, video clips and advertising, as a script girl and an assistant producer. Later, she worked as a freelancer with choreographers and fashion designers on projects combining dance and fashion, and was road manager for various music artists. In 1992, she went with a small team to Syria to produce Romeo and Juliet in Arabic for the AFAA (French Association for Artistic Action). She stayed 15 years in Syria and worked on various architecture, advertising and design projects. She also organized sport and culture events in Lebanon, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates, and in Syria with the French cultural agency in Aleppo, providing her organizational and creative advice.

Back in France, she started to work at dUCKS scéno in September 2007 as a project manager in the machinery department. She coordinated study and construction phases for the scenography work packages.

Since 2015, Isabelle has been one of the five dUCKS board members and has filled the position of administrative coordinator. She takes part in the organization and running of the company’s management, commercial relations, human resource management, administration and contact management. She coordinates the implementation of the board’s decisions. Since June 2016, she has been in charge of the creation and establishment of dUCKS scéno Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai.

Vivian Yin – Business development manager

Bachelor’ s Degree in Arts Management, Nanjing University of the Arts.  2011

Vivian Yin obtained her Bachelor’s Degree (2011) in Arts Management from Nanjing University of the Arts. During her studies in the comprehensive arts university, she was inspired by all kinds of art forms. After graduation, she’s been working in Contemporary Art Industry for more than 8 years in Shanghai, experienced SH Contemporary Art Fair and the work of art magazine and gallery.

Vivian joined dUCKS in April 2018, starting a slash career in both Architecture and
Contemporary Art (Antenna Space, Shanghai).
Yifei Zhu – Project Manager

Project Manager, Graduated in 2014
University of New South Wales, Sydney
Bachelor degree : Civil Engineering
PMP Certified in 2015

 Yifei Zhu studied 4 years in Australia and obtained his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from University of New South Wales in 2014 and got his PMP Certification in 2015. His career started in Shanghai Xian Dai Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd in project management field in 2015. He has project management experiences in different parties and project experiences in different fields.

Yifei started with dUCKS sceno in May 2018 as a project manager in Shanghai Office and will deliver the projects in china.

Let’s Talk 2018

A partir des exemples récents d’Elbphilharmonie à Hambourg et de la Philharmonie de Paris, Michel Cova (dUCKS scéno) développera les thèmes de l’insertion urbaine et la mixité sociale, la modularité et la flexibilité des salles de concert et l’asymétrie lors d’une conférence-débat à Shanghai le dimanche 25 mars 2018.
From the recent examples of Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and the Philharmonie de Paris, Michel Cova (dUCKS scéno) will develop the themes of the urban insertion and the social mix, the modularity, flexibility and asymmetry of concert halls during a round table in Shanghai the Sunday, March 25th, 2018.


China: Yang Liping Performing Arts Center

En Chine, à Dali dans la province du Yunnan, le ‘Yang Liping Performing Arts Center’ commence à sortir de terre. Le projet du Studio Zhu Pei, sur lequel dUCKS a collaboré dans ses phases d’étude, est principalement constitué d’un théâtre de 700 places qui accueille les spectacles de la chorégraphe et danseuse chinoise Yang Liping. Cette salle « organique » est largement ouverte sur un espace extérieur lui même conçu comme un lieu de représentation: le spectacle débute dehors et se poursuit à l’intérieur.
Entre ciel et terre, lacs et montagnes, le théâtre s’inscrit dans la topographie accidentée de son environnement.
In China, to Dali  (province of Yunnan), the construction of the ‘Yang Liping Performing Arts Center’ has begun. The project of the Studio Zhu Pei, on which dUCKS collaborated in its studies, is mainly constituted by a theater of 700 seats which welcomes the shows of the chinese choreographer and dancer Yang Liping. This « organic » venue is widely opened on an outside space designed as a place of representation: the entertainment begins outside and continues inside.
Between heaven and earth, lakes and mountains, the theater joins in the damaged topography of its environment.

Architect: Studio Pei-Zhu
Design Principal: Zhu Pei
Lead Designer: Edwin Lam, Shuhei Nakamura
Project In Charge: Virginia Melnyk
Project Team: Han Mo, Gary Poon, You Changchen, Ke Jun, Wang Zheng, Ding Xinyue, Feng Chaoying, Wang Peng
Theater Consultant: dUCKS scéno
Structural Consultant: Fu Xueyi
MEP Consultant: CCDI