dUCKS scéno达可思-诺思
dUCKS scéno

The suspense of anticipation


The moments before the curtain opens; the brief pause between the fading sound of tuning and the lifting of the baton; the spatial impression when entering an exhibition: these moments are at the cross-roads of the world as we know it, and the world of imagination, the borders of suspension of disbelief.

Long before these moments, a team of architects, designers, engineers and acousticians have spent months and, in many cases, years to plan the theater, the concert hall, the exhibition space. For already 21 years, our consulting role in that process is to provide the planning for all scenographic aspects. Our tasks range from space planning to space shaping, and in parallel, the design of the supporting technical facilities.

We anticipate that very moment when the artists step in the light to create our imaginative worlds. In that brief time-space, in which we voluntarily hand our state of mind to the artists, you may find us next to you...

Recent news

14 Janvier 2015 — opening of the Philharmonie de Paris

10 Janvier 2015 — opening of the La belle électrique, SMAC at Grenoble

27 October 2014 — opening of the Fondation Louis Vuitton by Gehry Partners

4 October 2014 — inauguration of the CECU (subtitled “Maison du Hip Hop”) in Lille by King Kong

13+14 September 2014 — inauguration of the Brest Arena by Herault Arnod Architectes

28 August 2014 — topping-out ceremony Taipei Performing Arts Center by OMA

5 July 2014 — groundbreaking Shigeru Ban’s Cité Musicale on Ile Seguin, Paris

28 June 2014 — inauguration of The Prouvé Congress Center by Marc Barani

27 June 2014 — inauguration of the Convention Center of Agen by Cardete & Huet

20 June 2014 — Marc Barani laureate of the design competition for the School for Photography in Arles

17 June 2014 — the Gratte-Ciels celebrate 80 years

18 March 2014 — Paul Andreu with Richez&Associés named winners of the design competition for the Docks Café Congress Center in Le Havre

31 January 2014 — inauguration of Metronum, the SMAC of Borderouge (Toulouse)

25 January 2014 — inauguration of the PACS at Vaulx-en-Velin

17 January 2014 — inauguration of the Anglet theater “La Salle Quintaou”

11 January 2014 — inauguration Guy Obino at Vitrolles

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